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Sandy Beach

Welcome to Vitality Sound & Energy Healing

Sound and Energy healing have been used since antiquity.  Every individual energetically vibrates at their own unique rate. Our vibration naturally seeks to match stronger frequency patterns in our environment like those produced by sound healing instruments.  These frequencies alter our brainwave pattern to induce deep relaxation. Imagine then, what happens when we use that deep relaxation for Quantum Healing? The shifts, new understandings and spontaneous healing that can occur is so transformative, we have an opportunity to launch into a new way of being.  To show up in our lives and in the world with purpose.

People seek out Quantum Healing, Sound Healing and Reiki Energy Healing for a variety of reasons, the most common being chronic illness and pain, trauma, addiction issues, spiritual awakening support and clarity around career, family and life path or purpose.​​

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Sandy Beach
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